The Benefits of POS Systems for Bars

Like any business, it is vital to keep your business running smoothly. A well run business is tricky enough but even more difficult while also trying to grow your customer base and improving the bottom line. One absolute necessity in the hospitality industry, that should be upgraded to help you run your business is your point of sale (POS) system. When looking for the best POS system for a bar, you will find that the correct features will help improve your business efficiency, productivity analysis and the accountability of your employees.


One of the benefits of the best POS system for a bar is the improved employee efficiency when it comes to handling orders and payments. For an average evening and shift length, your employees are often spending a lot of time reconciling their tickets with payment methods customers have used, in addition to their usual cleaning and prepping work. This is time wasted, so its money wasted too. Manual systems lead to higher chances of human error, which can also cost your business time and money. With a good quality POS system, reconciliation becomes a breeze with just a few taps of a screen. The system handles all the reconciliation automatically, cutting out the human error and speeding up processing. A POS system also improves efficiency when it comes to drinks orders and menu items. A system can be set up with the ability to customize menus and drink orders, add them to the right customer or table quickly, and calculate the costs automatically, like tax or modifiers, so staff don’t waste time with paper tabs. A good POS make time consuming tasks like splitting the bill easier. All this adds up to less time dealing with numbers and more drinks being served.

CRM Increase

Customer relations is the key to good business when you own a bar, and the best POS system for a bar can help you with your management of your customers. By being able to input customer names or other information into the POS system and remember it, you can better serve your customer and be more personalized to your customer’s needs. You could have your system remember visits, favorites and money spent. Taking care of your customers is not always giving away drinks, it is also remembering their previous drinks orders and being knowledgeable enough about personalizing suggestions. The more personalized your customer interactions, the better when it comes to getting return business.

Productivity Reports

You need accurate reports if you are looking to streamline your business and cut costs while improving the overall experience for your customers. The best POS system for a bar will display reports for your business activity, such as detailed sales, inventory, and labor reports. As well, you will be able to look at reports based on time of day, location or specific employees so you know where business decisions need to be made.

Employee Accountability

Along with efficiency and productivity, the best POS system for a bar will help improve the accountability of your employees. Staff will make mistakes, or intentionally under charge for one reason or another, but a good POS system will make it easier for customers to be billed appropriately and hold employees accountable.

If you want to improve your bars efficiency, customer relations, productivity, and accountability then contact AnyWare POS today to invest in the best POS system for a better tomorrow for your bar.

Importance of POS Systems in Bars and Restaurants Business

When you start running a restaurant or bar hospitality business, you quickly find that dealing with orders, payments, menus, and all that other tasks gets to be a hassle for you and your employees. But it doesn’t have to be, with the top restaurant POS systems you can deal with everything efficiently to greatly improve yours, your employees’ and your customers’ experience. An improved point of sale experience lowers customer wait times, speeds up transactions and increases sales.

POS Capabilities for your Bar or Restaurant

A POS system is a computerized system that has many capabilities to improve your restaurant’s productivity. Most of the top restaurant POS systems, like anyWarePOS, are easily expandable to meet your business’s needs. You can quickly add more locations, stations, devices, printers, or credit card terminals. POS systems are far more accurate in high stress, fast-paced situations when compared to manual cash registers or hand written checks. Every transaction is tracked, therefore anyWarePOS employee mistakes are reduced and there are many reports for the manager as well. Managers can easily check on inventory, employee productivity, sales, and cost of goods. This information can be used by management to make more informed decisions as to staff and menu item pricing and popularity. With a POS system tracking your employees’ productivity, you will reduce labor costs and can reward employees for their performance appropriately. Additionally, payroll is a breeze with employees checking in and out through the system.

Advantages of a POS for Employees

There are many advantages of top restaurant POS systems for employees. First and foremost is handling orders and payments. With a POS the employee can easily input orders to a specific person or table quickly, with customizable menu buttons so that mistakes are kept to a minimum. Orders are sent to the kitchen instantly, and with accurate employee ring ins, kitchens have fewer remakes and waste. A POS system also handles all the calculations of items on the customer check. It also reconciles with the cash drawer and integrates with credit card terminals. The tracking of money in and out of the system ensures accuracy in all financial transactions. Modern systems like anyWarePOS allow you to send customers a copy of their check to their smartphone with a click, and they can pay through their smartphone. This reduces employees have to spend running checks and change and frees them up to handle more tables.

A top restaurant POS systems customer relations management for your business is a key feature as well. Repeat business is the key to a successful bar or restaurant. Your employees can input a customer’s name, and the system will forever remember their orders, visits and even their favorite food and drinks. You can then reward repeat customers with complimentary food or drinks in the future. Moreover, good customer tracking creates familiarity with your customers and makes them feel at home and cared for in your restaurant.

AnyWare POS – The Solution for You

AnyWare POS is a top restaurant POS system that is designed for restaurants and bars by former restaurant and bar owners. Designed with affordability and expandability in mind and taking advantage of modern cloud-based technology you can get your system deploy quickly and easily with no installation required. Contact AnyWare POS today for a free trial for your restaurant or bar.