Restaurant Cloud POS – Why It’s a Good Investment

When it comes to restaurants, the POS system needs to be as agile and fast as your top servers. That is why so many restauranteurs are turning to cloud POS systems that can help their businesses save money and improve customer experiences. Of the top restaurant POS systems, anyWarePOS is changing the game. Below are just a few reasons why a new, modern, cloud POS system is a necessity for you, your staff and your business.

1. Save Time

When you save time, you save money and run a more efficient operation. While most people do not consider a POS something that can save time, the top restaurant POS systems that integrate ordering and billing into an easy-to-use piece of technology can make a huge difference. anyWarePOS lets servers take orders and send them to the kitchen without needing to physically travel back, meaning the kitchen gets less disruption and your servers can spend more time on the floor. Servers can also text checks to the customer, so they are not waiting for payment and walking back and forth to a register multiple times.

2. Get Orders Right

By combining orders with the POS system, the top restaurant POS systems revolutionize not just how customers pay, but how your servers send in orders. The anyWarePOS system lets you order right on any device including iPhones, iPads, and even Android phones and tablets. They can even customize orders with a few simple clicks instead of trying to punch them all in once they return to a server’s station. Taking an order at the table reduces mistakes because a server doesn’t have to remember an order and then ring it in. Best of all, the system is incredibly intuitive, meaning your servers can pick it up, use it and reap the benefits in lesser time than retraining on other POS systems.

3. Save Money

All the time and extra features on the top restaurant POS systems are created with a singular goal in mind: to save money. With the right POS system, you can help your staff save precious time dealing with multiple checks and multiple customers, but you can also save yourself money as well. The anyWarePOS is a system built entirely for the hospitality industry and has features and payment models designed to increase profits and save you money.

4. Get Payment Outside of the Cash Register

While cash is still king in many instances, it isn’t always the fastest way people pay. More often customers are choosing plastic over the cash, and that should change your POS system. Despite this, older pos systems still treat cash as the most common option, often slowing down staff on a cash register for orders that will be using credit cards. The top restaurant cloud POS systems treat cash as an option, not the default, giving your team more options for payment while on the floor.

Restaurants and bars are facing more modern ways of payment in an industry with thinner and thinner margins, yet most are still treating their POS systems like cash registers. Today, the top restaurant POS systems are designed to save your team time and you money, all while giving your customers a better experience. If you are looking for your next restaurant POS system, be sure to check out anyWarePOS: a system designed with restaurants, and restauranteurs, in mind.

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