How to Select the Best POS System for Your Bar

Whether you are installing a new Point of Sale (POS) system or upgrading from an older system, you are still going to want to find the best POS system for a bar. Managing your bar and staff takes a lot of attention and time, so here are a few things to make your search more efficient.


When considering which product is the best POS systems for a bar, you will want to find the one that offers an easy user experience. Your employees are going to be using the system all the time, so you want it to be user-friendly, straightforward and feature-rich. Ease of navigation, an intuitive system, and stability are key features. Being able to clock in through the system also makes managing kitchen staff employees a breeze. In a modern point of sale cross-platform capability is extremely important as well, so you can check on your POS system remotely from any computer or mobile device.

Customer Friendly

Similar to easy or use, the best POS system for your bar is going to be one that the customers can take advantage of as well. Nowadays a large percentage of the population is carrying around a smartphone in their pocket, so a POS system that allows customers to pay their tab from their phone, see your bars menu, and get beer and appetizer specials saves your staff time and makes the customer experience more pleasant.


With many POS systems being Cloud-based and storing your data offsite, you want to look for the best POS system for a bar that has security to protect you and your customer’s data. You’ll want automatic backups of the data on the server, data encryption, and custom access controls so you know who has access to what data.


One of the advantages of a digital POS system is the rich reporting information your busienss will rely on to make important financial decisions. The best POS system for a bar will be able to give you detailed reports on sales, customer trends and habits, and employee performance. With quality reports, you can find out when your best time for drinks and food sales and adjust your menu to maximize profits. Having a detailed report of the actual cost of labor, drinks, and employee performance (improving accountability) is a necessity in running a profitable business. It can literally be the difference between success and location closure.

Drink Management

With inventory control in the hands of your POS system, you’ll want the best POS system for a bar that can properly manage the drinks being served. That means charging the proper amount for the amount given and keeping track of employees that are possibly giving too much, costing you money on the bottom line. Additionally, you’ll know when you need to order new inventory, and which drinks you can cut down on buying based on consumer trends.


Ultimately everything above will be found in the best POS system for a bar, and this leads to higher productivity for your employees. Being able to get drinks to tables faster and keeping your customers happy equals more profits and better customer retention.

If you are looking for the best POS system for your bar, make anyWarePOS your first stop. anyWarePOS is a cloud-based point of sale software for bars that is quick to set up and affordable. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today and discover for yourself.

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