Point of Sale as Service: A New World

In the past all point of sale software was stored on a computer you kept in a backroom somewhere.  Your data was unsecure, and the server itself was subject to breakdown, power loss, or drive failure.

However, with the new point of sale options on the market today, that on-site option and the problems that go with it is a thing of the past.  New point of sale solutions securely store your data in the cloud and are accessible from any device, anywhere in the world.

You are not at risk for data loss, and data breaches are much less possible due to the very large professional hosting companies used to house your sensitive information.  Additionally, all customer information we store is encrypted as to make it near impossible to read, use or sell.

Additionally, laying out tens of thousands of dollars on hardware and infrastructure is no longer necessary.  Modern solutions (like anyWarePOS) will run off any tablet, desktop computer or notebook with Wi-Fi or even cellular.

Complex wiring, computer setup and installation are basically things of past.  Unless you are a very large chain restaurant, the days of housing your own data locally and paying a fortune upfront are in the past.

We recommend you try our software free for 30 days.  There are no contracts, no installation, and it runs on the hardware you already own.  Additionally, you will find us way easier to setup and deploy.  although we may have less features than the huge guys, we have carefully chosen the features you will actually use and make your business simpler and more profitable.